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2017 Championship Winners

2017 City Championship Award Flight Winners:

Championship Flight: (medal play, gross, no handicap)
1st place: Jonathan Bartlett
2nd place: Gabe Alcalá
3rd place: Eric Trujillo
4th place: Chandler Smith-Stetson

Businessman’s Flight: (medal play- gross and net, handicaps from 0-12)
1st place: Jose Rivera
2nd place: Paul M. Ortiz
3rd place: Robert Schneider
4th place: Alan Hamilton
5th place: Randy Robinson
6th place: Scott Blank
7th place: Scott Hutton

1st place: Robert Farmer
2nd place: Jerry Alderete
3rd place: RIchard Barela
4th place: Rudy Jojola
5th place: Gabriel Garcia
6th place: Bart Ortiz
7th place: Daniel Luna

First Flight: (medal play-net only, handicaps from 13 to 25)
1st place: Maurice Bonal
2nd place: Gerald Ortiz Jr.
3rd place: James Arellano

Ladies Flight: (medal play-gross and net, max handicap of 25)
1st place: Chanet Fiorina
2nd place: Shannelle Tafoya


1st place: Gail Roos
2nd place: Rane Miller

Senior Flight: (medal play-gross and net, max handicap of 25)
1st place: Chris Morris
2nd place: Bob Sherman
3rd place: John Adams
4th place: Joe Patterson
5th place: Bob Rivera

1st place: John Jojola
2nd place: Ivan Quintana
3rd place: Robert Kelly
4th place: Lorenzo Dominguez
5th place: Charles Barett