Club & Putter Fitting

Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe is the largest independent golf-specific retailer north of Albuquerque. We’ll beat any price, in-store or online.

Custom Golf Club Fitting

Starting with a static fitting which includes measuring overall height and distance from wrist-to-floor, our professionals use this crucial element as a starting point to determine club length and lie-angle. After the static fitting is complete, our experts begin the process of the dynamic fitting which includes hitting golf balls from a lie-board with lie-tape and hitting golf balls with the pro shop's launch monitor system, generating swing data. The information gathered from all elements help our professionals determine categories like optimal shaft-flex, club-type, grip-size, and golf ball amongst other things. The Dynamic Fitting also allows our experts to determine more precisely optimal club length and lie-angle.

Trackman & Gears Fitting Technology

Trackman is a radar system used by the PGA Tour that tracks club and ball data such as club path, swing speed, ball speed, angle of attack, and many more metrics. Available for use with a golf lesson, club fitting, or for use as a golf simulator during the winter.

GEARS System is a camera-based, full swing, club and body movement tracking system that can compare your swing and body movement to a variety of PGA and LPGA Tour professionals. On-course lessons and a variety of lesson series available upon request.

Trackman Website
Static Fitting: $100 or $50 with club purchase
Trackman Fitting: $175 or $125 with club purchase
GEARS Fitting: $250 irons; $250 woods; $150 with club purchase
45 Minute Lesson: $75
1 Hour Lesson: $125